In Rural areas health facilities by government

Health plays the fruitful role in determining the human capital. A better health improves the production of labor force. In all over the world Pakistan well thought-out as developing country and the population of Pakistan is almost according to the research of 2008 is 130 million. Pakistan facing many critical problems in which one problem is lack of health conveniences. The issue which is faced by rural community is lack of emergency maternity health care centers and all the other facilities in BHUs and in rural areas hospital. Pakistan is a developing country and it has lot of issues but health is its one of the leading issue because up to 67% of its population is in rural areas. Rural community of Pakistan is roughly affected by this issue. In the rural areas of the district Rawalpindi people face a lot of health issues. In some areas Basic health Unite not available people travel long distance from one village to other for the hospital and BHUs but there are not provided all the facilities by the government. Professional doctors and other staff not available in the BHUs of the rural areas. The facility of medicine not provided people purchase medicines from the store on high prices. In case of any emergency  24 hour doctor and staff not available in the BHUs so people travel from rural area to city. Distribution of resources in the Pakistan is unequal because of this in-equality, rural community suffers a lot regarding serious health issues and facing many dangerous diseases. Both developed and developing countries report geo-graphically skewed distribution of healthcare professionals, favoring urban and wealthy areas, despite the fact that people in rural communities are experiencing many health related problems. To prevent from this big problem govt. should distribute the resources equally and provide the necessary staff and skilled professionals to rural community and introduce such a system which helps them to decrease the healthcare issues.

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