It’s a matter of intense grief that the Black & Khaki uniform no longer induces sense security in the hearts of masses, but leaves them precarious. A sense of being surrounded by fierce danger. There is no doubt that in this very uniform, undiscovered legends have served with heart and soul in the thick and thin times of the nation, but the profane attitude of the malicious majority rules out the majestic minority.

It assuredly was not the motive of Jinnah to chalk out a country in which the common man is petrified of his own guard. This may be characterized as the nethermost levels of moral, ethical & professional malpractice an unholy society may fall down to. The incapacity of police to eradicate the menace of street crimes, to reestablish and uphold peace & prosperity at street level, to gain common man’s trust has not only led to the annihilation of the organization itself but the national peace as well. Research and Study has shown that properly functioning Police Network can eradicate the need of involvement of military in chaotic scenarios, and can even prevent the happenings.

Numerous reasons have been contributing towards the devastation of the Police. Pakistan Police is considered to be understaffed. Approximately 350k officers for a population of more than 180 million people. And still a major chunk of this understaffed organization has been serving as the guards of VIPs, making it more deficient in terms of men on field. Further, Police Organization is not adequately funded, hence the culture of voracity for illegitimate cash and bribes has gained strength in the system. Police System hasn’t been taken care of properly, lack of resources and lack of professionalism has not been exterminated from this structure that possesses a high mandate of transparency. One of the major causes of derailing of police has been the political influence. Politics has always been influencing policing. Media reports and analyses reveal that high scale activities of police are under direct impact of high government officials and are scarcely not driven by them which has deprived the common man from being granted with justice and honesty.

In a nutshell, there is a dire need of ensuring and preserving the transparency. Safeguarding humanity and impartiality in justice is a highly commenable by our religion as well.

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