Poor Management Systems

One of the major problems that cause communal unrest in Pakistan is the poor management pattern particularly in the government sector. Although there have been efforts to improve the status quo, the jeopardy is alive and breathing to its fullest. Be it a License Issuance, National Identification Data Entry, Record Revision, Correction of Personal Details in National Database, Payment of Bills, Supply of Commodities, Court Cases & Legitimate Credentials, and Verification of Degrees. The schemes of administration by the concerned authorities acutely fail to attract the customers. Sadly, one scarcely finds compensations in consonance with ones age, gender or disability.

Although E-Management has revolutionized these systems and has provided the citizens with a real time approach on their affairs right in their house, yet the low pace of Pakistan in terms of technological advancements has limited such luxuries to high level systems and the very commonest of the men finds himself in the same very disturbing position which he has always been. Pension system, for example, is a very inefficient system, making the senior citizens suffer the agony of long wait and sheer muscular discomfort. “Bills can be delivered door to door, then why not pension?” More excruciating is the fact that list goes on. In major cities, getting a driving license issued is a triumph. And in this case, not only poor and low paced management is the problem, but the greedy eyes looking out for coinage are surplus obscenity. And now, even getting a cheque cashed is becoming a grueling task.

Court Documentation & Case Proceedings have been one of the nightmares for the common man. The institute established to deliver the civil rights to the commendable, seems to be contributing towards the otherwise. Simple cases spreading over vast stretches of years, have so much ridiculed the social image of law that the act of not getting involved in courts is reflected as ‘A wise decision’.

Coming forth, we see that one of the major tragedies is getting your subjective details’ record revised in case of error at national database scale. The staircase never seems to end as the clerks keep referring to further steps. Moreover, the monetized cooperation that the officials offer mostly, influences the poor to feel the revulsion on spelling blunders in his government record.

This needs to end. This nation was liberated for attaining unconditional liberty and not for mere a change of the oppressors.

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