The role of SMCs in public schools

School management committee (SMC) members participate a key role in rise relationships between the schools and local communities. School management committee plays an active role in rise relationships between the school and local community. In school management committee teachers, parents and other active bodies of area are involved. SMC members said in working with cooperation and content their roles as the key legislative body of the community. SMC can bring concerning encouraging changes in the school through obligation and consent. Communal admiration and regulation is given priority and the school by-law is well thought-out as a key document, which is to be follow. Faith based group of people contribution could carry about positive changes in schools. However, the SMC faced many problems, such as poor socio-economic status of parents, low continuation of teachers and fault-finding outside school environment. SMC members act as revolutionize agent and make a payment in the school governance, edifice physically powerful linkages with institution, parental participation, monitoring of teachers and school funds, which lead to school improvement. According to MSC members they fully sport to the school staff and to the school but government not provide all the facilities in the schools. To reduce the problems a lot of school construction work and other basic facility they provide their own expenses. With the collaborations of all the members and teachers the sport to the school and provide facilities to the students on their own expenses. Government should provide all the basic facilities to the teachers and students. If government provides all the facilities then teachers perform well and students give a good result to the school.

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