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Usman Altaf

Assistant Program Officer

Assistant Program Officer



He is beholding his portfolio as Assistant Program Officer responsible for tracking the daily news published across widely circulated newspapers in the country, English and Urdu, alike and data entry in spreadsheets for media tracking, a bi-annually publication. The report is a social commentary on the indicators that are related to the social well-being of women and children and the crimes that are committed against them. Since its publication the Media Tracking Report has provided the backdrop for legislation passed for the safeguard of women. Furthermore, he writes the content for newsletter of the organisation, a monthly activity journal. He's also a management support for the project EWAM (women workers alliance), a project led by TDEA (Trust for Democratic Education and Accountability) in collaboration with SSDO (sustainable social development organization). He also has worked as a management support on the project CIP (Coalition Inclusive Pakistan) another project by TDEA in which rights of the transgender community are being highlighted.